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Natural Hair Tips

I can’t think of anything I have never done to my hair.

I have permed it, I did dye it maroon one time, I decided to have dreadlocks in 2016. In short, I have done every torturous thing you can think of to my hair.

A little background on my hair

I have 4C hair type with very thin strands and my hair is a pale shade of red. Growing up, I always kept short hair cause it was easy to maintain and I didn’t have to go to the salon every weekend.

Immediately after high-school I started growing it out and that was the beginning of the torture escapades. I really did not care – literally and figuratively – about my hair. I would straighten it a lot when it’s not braided or just let it be. Then I came across YouTube videos for natural hair and that’s when I learned that my hair is heat damaged and generally just unhealthy.

Trying to get my hair to grow and recover from the damage has not been easy but nothing comes easy, right?

Some of the tips I’ve learnt along the way

Water is essential

A plant needs water to grow and so does your hair. A few sprints of water daily keeps your hair hydrated.

Stay away from heat

Too much heat from blow drying, flat ironing can be dangerous to your hair. Use heat if you must once in a while but if you don’t have to let your hair air dry

Avoid Combs

I rarely use combs nowadays, I have learnt the art of finger detangling. If you have to comb your hair don’t do it when your hair is so dry; it causes breakage.

Treat your hair

Your hair requires nutrients for growth. Create a regimen for protein treatment that works for your hair and stick to it like glue

Be Patient

This is important: I have tried being a naturalista thrice and every time I don’t see results I make irrational decisions on what to do to my hair – Change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time.
Over To You…

What are some hair tips you leave by?

Thank you for reading.

With Love,

Jade J.


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