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Ways To Trigger Inspiration 

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up and just feel unmotivated? Yeah, me too!

For you to be unstoppable you need to be inspired. With my constant struggle to stay afloat I have gathered a few ways to spark inspiration and here are some ideas :-

  1. Get in touch with yourself and see where you or whom you’d like to be. When you contemplate on questions like, “Who am I and Why am I here?” It does help create a picture in mind that motivates you to make a path towards achieving your goals.
  2. Make a vision board that could spur your creativity. Clip out anything that gets your imagination going.
  3. Tape your favorite quotes or words of encouragement around your working environment. These positive affirmations arm you when you are slacking and need a pick me up.
  4. Identify people online who are inspiring and follow them. When we feel unmotivated we tend to spend more time on social media, following people who always seem to have a word for your spirit helps you get back on track.

Over To You …
How do you activate your inspiration when you are having an uninspired day?
Thank you for reading.
With Love,
Jade J


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