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Current Hair Regimen 

Usually after undoing my hair from a protective style, I let it breathe for about a month. During this period I formulate a regimen that I put into action to care for my hair. Currently this is my regimen:-
Wash hair with shampoo twice a month
I constantly have my hair in braids so I thorough wash my hair with shampoo immediately after undoing my braids and before redoing a protective style.
I am using Lather modern apothecary – Mint thyme hair wash at the moment. It’s very effective and smells very good (minty) plus it lathers easily so you don’t have to use much of the shampoo.

Deep Condition twice a month
I do this every time I wash my hair. I apply the deep conditioner and let it sit in for 30mins (cover hair with a washing cap or plastic bag) then rinse it off. I’m currently using Lusti Organics Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise, this step helps to condition (obviously) moisture, strengthen hair and also rejuvenates fragile hair like mine.

Moisturise and seal every 2 days
I’m too lazy to do this every other day so I only do it twice a week and I use the LCO method. I use water as my liquid a few sprints from a spray bottle does it for me, then mix twist n shout cream with coconut oil and evenly apply it in my hair and scalp.

No Heat
I religiously avoid heat, so after washing and moisturising my hair I twist it out and let it air dry.

Wear Satin Scarf

You’d be surprised at how I easily forget to do this… I wear a satin scarf at night when I go to bed to prevent hair oils being sucked out by my pillow or bed sheets plus no one wants oil patches on their pillow cases.

PS: Products courtesy of Jamny J

PSS: My hair regimen changes on a frequent basis depending on available time and my location. I’m still learning what works for me and what doesn’t, making mistakes and missing some steps is part of my hair care journey.
Over To You…

What is your current hair regimen? Feel free to share in the comment section I’d like to learn how I can improve mine.

Thank you for reading.

With Love,

Jade J


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