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Chit Chat + 15 Days Of Blogtober Challenge

I hope you are doing well. Today’s post is a bit chilled out, just my attempt to ramble about life, nothing serious to be honest.

First and foremost, I just want to thank you all who follow Fodreamy. I recently hit another milestone of 200 followers and I’m so excited and extremely grateful that my audience is growing.

Having 200 random readers following Fodreamy is quite insane, so to show my appreciation I will do a 15 day Blogtober Challenge.

Oh yeah! I said it… I’m doing a 15 days of Blogtober challenge.

Basically, for those who aren’t familiar with the term Blogtober… Its blogging every single day of October. I’ll be changing the rules a bit and instead of doing a full month, I’ll do 15 days. We all know I don’t do well when it comes to consistently but I swear I’ll give this my all. It’s going to be entertaining so stay tuned.

I would have loved to do this for the whole month but I know my limits. With school work, job hunting, elections, YouTube, photography on the way 31 days would drive me insane and suck out the fun of blogging.
I already have a list of blog topics prepared that unfortunately can not share with you today. All you need to know is the blog posts are going to be fun and inspiring, not the usual kind you see on a weekly basis…

Sunny Fun Day Selfie

So guys its on, stay tuned and enjoy the experience.

Over To You…
Will you be doing the Blogtober challenge?

Thank you for reading.


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