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If I Were On A Coffee Date With My Late Grandmother

I’d order a caramel macchiato or a vanilla latte. I’d tell her that I’m working on quitting this caffeine addiction because coffee has made me a slave and I can’t function without it.

She’d make a comment or two on my outfit and ask if I’d rather we go somewhere else and have soda instead.

I’d ask her what she’s been up to and what it’s like to die and if after life is a thing. She probably won’t answer any of my questions cause its “Classified Information.” So I’ll just ramble about how I started a blog, I went to University and I miss her like crazy.
I’d ask if she still sews clothes. I’d tell her I’ve been meaning to make an effort to learn how to sew cause her designs were unique. I’d tell her that I miss her cooking especially her beans and mahamri. Pleasantly surprised, she’ll make a joke about my weight – Something along the lines, “Is that why you lost weight cause my food was that damn good ???”

I’d tell her how strong I’ve become even after phases of stress, depression and GAD (which I’m still learning to overcome) I’m hopeful that I will conquer life. I’ll also tell her how blown away I am by the commitment I have for my blog. I’ve wanted to find a way to express my thoughts and ideas for so long, and having a place to get these ideas out that actually reach people is just the best feeling.

Sadness ( Image courtesy of google)

I also feel proud that even with my insecurities I still pursue photography which I have had a passion for, so long… I’d tell her the biggest news of all. That I’m set to start photography mentorship in December (Fingers Crossed)

She’d definitely ask how my dad is doing. The conversation would take an emotional turn from here and I’d order another cup of coffee cause one isn’t enough to calm my nerves. We’d talk about my siblings and how they’ve been, I’m pretty sure I’d be crying by now …

I just really hope she’s proud of who I’ve become and she knows that I miss her presence, a lot.

Thank you for reading.


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