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Blogtober|Day Three – What’s In My Bag

I spend quite sometime on YouTube thus have watched a couple of, “What’s In my bag” videos. For some reason, I’ve always been fascinated by the various contents different people carry around.
Today on my blog I’m sharing the items I always have with me in my bag.
I am a simple girl but I always like to be prepared. Here are some of the essentials in my bag:-


I make sure I have a notebook and pen packed at all times cause I’m barely a functioning human without these two items.

Nothing special here, but I love to keep my lips glossy and vaseline works best for my dry lips.

I make sure I have a bottle of water to keep myself hydrated throughout the day.
A Book
This is a backup in case my phone goes off and my power bank is out flat and I need to put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign


I carry around my credit cards, ID cards and cash on here. Oh hey, this sounds like a “come rob me advert.” Don’t you think!

  • Phone – Well, I kinda need this to keep in touch with people and stay on social media while in town.
  • USB + Power Bank – My phone battery goes off too fast so I carry this as back up
  • Keys – I don’t know where I’d sleep if I didn’t carry my keys
  • Tissue – Umm, I kinda need this a lot
  • Camera – I carry this when I remember to charge it overnight.

    Over To You …

    What are some of the essentials you carry in your bag? I’m curious !

    Thank you for reading.

    With Love,

    Jade J


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