Blogtober| Day Six – Apps For Bloggers

Being an avid blogger feels like having a full time job but with the constant need to be up and about I can only keep up with everything when I’m on my phone. I only use my laptop to draft posts everything else is covered by my phone – and by everything I mean, taking blog photos, editing, promoting and connecting with other bloggers and readers.

I gathered a few free apps that I’ve come to find essential and I think every blogger should try out:-


Before I got my laptop I used this app a lot, I still do. It has been very helpful cause most times I just use my phone to draft posts and it doesn’t matter where I am I can always just open in up and start typing away.


Are you even a blogger if you don’t use twitter? I use this to promote my posts and join blogger chats thus get to interact with other bloggers. Its a super fun app to play around with and stay updated with whats happening.


Fun Fact: I have a VSCO account dedicated to my photography. I use VSCO mostly for taking and editing photos. Its free and has a variety range of features that I use to brighten my photos and do basic editing cause its easy to use.


Buffer is a life saving app that I use to schedule tweets and posts on days that I’m supper busy but would still want to keep things on the move online.


This is the most annoying app that I keep around because I’m nosey and its free. I use Instagram to promote my blog photos and just stalk people to be honest.

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WordPress –

Over To You …

What’s your favorite app to use as a blogger ?

Thank you for reading.

With Love,

Jade J


4 thoughts on “Blogtober| Day Six – Apps For Bloggers”

    1. I agree Buffer is the best. I got bloglovin’ recently and I’m still trying to figure out how it works. You should check it out – VSCO is awesome for photography.


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