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Blogtober|Day Ten – How I Spend My “Me Time”

These past few days have been crazy. Trying to balance school work, catering for my nephew’s graduation party, interviews, more writing, job application’s and sticking to my 15 days blogtober challenge has not been easy.
As humans we always have lists of things to keep up with in life making it hard to catch a break and simply unwind (which should be high up on our lists of important things).
Here’s how I keep calm when there seems to be no balance around me:


I find cleaning and organizing stuff around me very therapeutic. I turn on my cool cleaning jams playlist and get down to making sure everything is where its supposed to be in the house. For some reason this helps clear my mind.

I finish reading books I’m struggling to finish

I enjoy reading but sometimes “life happens” and I tend to always start a book and loose interest in it then start another and repeat.

During this time I dig into all the unfinished books … This is my way of closing off from holding on to the past so I can move forward.

Create Playlists
I love listening to music thus enjoy categorizing my music depending on my mood. It just brings me so much joy and helps with rejuvenation.
Watching my favorite movies
This is just my way of relaxing and unwinding. Watching some of the movies I always enjoy brings me peace and helps me relive chill memories.

Over To You …
How do you spend your alone time?
Thank you for reading.

With Love,

Jade J


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