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Blogtober|Day Thirteen – Fun Things To Do On A Budget

How many of you have ever been in a situation where you want to do something fun but then decide against it ’cause it seems too costly? I happen to fall in that category! Everytime I think of anything fun to do it always seems to require loads of cash. Vacations, cruising, binge snacking, you name it!

I came up with a few fun things you can do that require a less budget:-


We all love movies, right? Head to the local movie theater they are always affordable and catch up the latest movie showing.

Go Hiking

Feel free to drag a friend to make the experience more epic. Locate a local hiking area of your choice and remember to carry snacks, sunglasses, sunscreen and a camera. Make the best memories ever.

Road trip

Best thing to do on a lazy weekend. You and your friends just need gas for your car, an amazing playlist, packed food and the journey needs to start before 6 a.m. It will be so fun, I promise!

Go to the park

I love the park. You can do almost anything at the park doesn’t matter if you’re alone or with friends its always going to be fun as long as you utilize the activities at the park.

Read a Book, Listen to the book on Audible then watch the Movie

When you read a good book, chances are it’s turned into a movie. It’s an awesome experience when you read, listen then watch a movie. I tried it once and really enjoyed it.

What are some fun things you do on a budget?

Jade J


2 thoughts on “Blogtober|Day Thirteen – Fun Things To Do On A Budget”

  1. When I’m on a budget I do the same (movies) and love reading books, as for a fun day out I think a random adventure is fun! I live in London so I just get a tube into central and go to explore and I bring packed lunch to save money on food 😂
    Jess |

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