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Blogtober|Day Fourteen – To My Future Self

Dear Future Self,

I hope you have found the place you pictured yourself you would be. I’m assuming you are reading this on some sort of fancy high-tech strapped around your wrist, cool!

I’m sure you’ve got a lot going on right now and that’s great. Just don’t take for granted the important people around you like your family and friends.

I hope you have found a boyfriend and he treats you how you’ve always deserved. Everything that has happened has lead you to this moment, Don’t change a thing!

I hope your fridge is filled with magnets of all the places you promised you’d visit one day and I hope your heart is filled with joy.

I truly hope you have worked with so many brands and PRs for your blog and you finally get to choose from a variety of email’s who you feel like working with.

How’s your photography business doing? I really hope you can look back and smile at all the the hardwork you put to get where you are.

I hope the future is amazing and everything works out in the end.

Yours Faithfully,

Jade J

PS: Idea courtesy of Pinterest and Thought Catalog

If you were to write a pen letter to your future self what would you tell them?

Jade J


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