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Blogtober|Day Fifteen – My Current Fitness Routine

I weigh 95 lbs most people assume I am an active person but in reality I have a love/ hate relationship with fitness and I am underweight.

I used to love working out a lot but I kept losing weight and it stressed me out cause I just wanted to be fit and that’s when I learnt I’m doing the wrong exercises for an underweight so I stopped.

After doing research on what is suitable for my body type I came up with a new routine that works for me (so far lol)
I try to work out twice a week and as much as I don’t enjoy it as I used to, I won’t deny how therapeutic it is. I’ve outlined my routine for you below:

Sumo Squats

After a quick warm up (mainly 3 mins of stretching and jogging on the spot) I do at least 3 mins of sumo squats.

Overhead Press

This is part of my upper body workout I don’t have equipments but it still works.


Fun Fact: The first time I did this I ran to the toilet cause I felt like throwing up and I had only done it for 40 seconds.

I love and hate burpees at the same time. I keep telling myself I’m not quitting just to get through with it.

This is my cool down and helps me with flexibility. I do this for about 3 mins.


Warm up – 3 mins

Sumo Squats – 3 mins

Overhead press – 3 mins

Burpees – 3 mins

Yoga/ Cool Down – 3 mins

Total Workout Time – 15 mins

For some reason time seems to go slow when I’m working out.

As I am starting out this new routine, 15 mins is my set time but as time goes on I’ll decide whether I need to change things up or increase time (depending on my progress). But for now that’s my fitness routine.

I’d love to know what your fitness routine is. And how often do you workout?

Jade J


13 thoughts on “Blogtober|Day Fifteen – My Current Fitness Routine”

  1. Hey great blog! I love Fitness I’ve got a love hate relationship with my body tbh. I love going to the gym when I am there but I don’t go as often as I should. Is all in my mind. So slowly I’m trying to change my health habits. I currently love the Romanian deadlifts.

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      1. Definitely. Every little step counts! I’ve started doing mini Home work outs when I don’t make it to the gym! If you like yoga/ Pilates google Blogilates she’s amazing!!! YouTube videos of work outs and they are enjoyable! Xx

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  2. I actually not working out right now since I’m about to move to a new place. But I used to work out at least 3 days a week at the gym and Zumba two days. And every 6 week I took 4 days of rest.

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