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Review|15 Days Of Blogtober + Chit Chat

Recently, I put myself up to a challenge. I called it 15 days Blogtober Challenge where I had to post everyday as of 1st October. It went well than I expected to be honest. I had days when I asked myself why I make foolish decisions but I managed to pull through.

What I Learnt

  • This challenge made me realise that if I put my mind to something (and stop being lazy) I can actually achieve anything.
  • I learnt the importance of time management and planning in general.
  • I also learnt that taking blog pics isn’t that hard. It just requires so much dedication – which can be hectic at times.
  • Having a wordpress phone app is so convenient. I did almost everything on my phone. No matter the place, I could just whip out my phone and draft posts or edit posts. I rarely used my laptop for this challenge.
  • Blogging topics should come from within; what you write should be what you want to not what you see every blogger writing. While everyone else was doing Autumn and Halloween posts I chose to write posts that are dear to me no matter how out of season they seemed.
  • I had fun and I will definitely give it a try again. Maybe 15 days of Blogmas Challenge I don’t know let’s wait and see.

Challenges Faced

  • Promoting my blog posts on social media platforms was a huge challenge. I just couldn’t keep up with it. I even tried scheduling tweets but it still wasn’t enough and felt like a burden. It did reflect on my stats; the days I actively promoted my post stats went high and vice versa.
  • Time was a challenge. What’s the right time to publish a post? Is it morning time, evening? I never got the hang of this so I just published posts on random hours depending on my schedule and mood. On that note, what’s the best time to publish a post? What works for you? Let me know, your help would highly be appreciated.

What’s Next On FODREAMY

Well, now that the fun is over we can get back to our old boring schedule. New posts will be up every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I already have daring blog topics planned out, stay tuned things are about to get HOT on here.

Have you read my Blogtober posts? What’s your favorite post?

Jade J


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