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My Face Care Routine During Breakouts

I happen to have the most strange skin (face) you’ll ever come across thus the uncertainty of my skin can at times bring me to tears, literally. I can wake up with smooth skin today and two days later I look like a horned melon. I’m not complaining though, I guess I’m used to it that’s why I don’t mind talking about it.

I learnt that most times when my face does the one-eighty turn on me, I tend to ignore it and hope the “smooth phase” comes sooner. But then, isn’t that just unfair! Loving your face when things are going right?

These past few days I’ve been taking the saying “For better For worse” way to serious. I’ve made it my mission to care for my face every single day.

I even came up with a routine during my face breakout and I kid you not, you know how you get hesitant to take photos or feel less pretty during a breakout?Well, this routine keeps your esteem intact ’cause it gives your face a glow!

  • Cleanse morning and night: I use Mysore Sandal soap to clean out pores and get rid of excess oil
  • Rose Water is my go-to toner : I simply apply toner onto a cotton pad and swipe over my face. Always look out for a toner that doesn’t contain alcohol
  • As for the moisturizer, I use Natural organic Aloe Vera Gel. I prefer a light moisturizer for my skin is a bit oily.
  • I try drinking plenty of water- I’m one of those freaks who struggle to drink water ’cause its tasteless. I add lemon in warm water to try and spice it out.

How do you handle your face during breakouts?

Jade J


3 thoughts on “My Face Care Routine During Breakouts”

  1. I rarely use foundation and I usually wear make up like once a week.. I am lucky to live in Malta with a lot of sun, but I use good lotions and high factor in it. Yes you can see Im not 20 but I’m not looking like almost 40😉 so I agree. Let you’re skin breathe and take good care of it in the sun also

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