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Twitter Accounts That Help Promote Your Blog Posts

I feel like promoting my blog posts is the hardest part of blogging.

I should have taken my marketing unit seriously in my second year of University maybe things would have been different now. I don’t know about you but most people just never realise how much effort we (as bloggers) put in our work. First, we have to plan posts content, write, take photos, edit photos and drafts before publishing then promoting.

I’ll have to admit I’m getting better at promoting. In rare moments do I feel ashamed for spamming people’s timelines with capitalised tweets that start with “NEW POST, LATEST, ARE YOU CAUGHT UP? MORNING READ, etc

I have also come to learn of Twitter accounts that are solely dedicated to help promote bloggers by retweeting your tweets when you use their hashtags and holding chats that enable you to interact with other bloggers – Discover new blogs, read new posts and follow more bloggers from different places.

I’ll list the four accounts I frequently use and hopefully they can help you too:

1. #Beechat

Run by Charlene (mostly) a blogger and author. I like #beechat chats cause the topics are diverse, fun and you never feel left out in conversations cause she takes time to respond to everyone.

Chats run on on Monday 5pm and Thursday 9pm. Use #beechat for retweets.

The host’s of this accounts are pretty cool too and inclusive as well. I never get to do all the weekly chats, I mostly avail myself on Tuesday and skip on beauty related topics cause I’m too basic.

You can join the chats on Tuesday 9pm, Thursday 8pm, Sunday 9pm. Use #GRLPOWR for retweets.

3. #TheBloggersHub
I stumbled upon this account recently, maybe a month ago and I’ve come to love it too. I mostly join the Sunday chats and I love how diverse the topics are and the host’s are great to.

You can avail yourself for chats on Monday, Thursday and Sunday 7pm. Use #thebloggershub for retweets.

4. #BloggersTribe
This is also an account I came to know about recently and I love it for all the same reason why I’m obsessed with the other three accounts. On Saturday’s you can join in on the fun at 7pm and here’s another twist; on Friday and Sunday they hold a Blog Comment Thread from 8 – 11pm. Fun way to discover new blogs, read blog post and leave cute comments.

For more information you can log in on twitter and check out the screenshot accounts. Ensure you follow them, you’ll thank me later!

Which Twitter accounts do you use to promote your blog posts?

Jade J


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