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Things I’m Really Not Good At

Nobody is perfect. Let’s take a moment of silent and let that sink in!

Growing up, I was always the frail kid – weak, delicate, weird, sickly and average. It bothered me a lot and it never helped that my mother used to compare me with other kids/ siblings or even relatives. Looking back now it seems she never understood me and was worried that I might be abnormal.

As years passed I thought something was wrong with me (still do sometimes). I’ve tried being like everyone else my age and have failed miserably but in the process I got to learn my strengths, weaknesses among other things.


Lets talk about the random things I’m really bad at that still bother me once in a while:-

Imitating People

You have no idea how this bothers me. I’m always aware of people’s accents but I can’t imitate them at all. This also applies to personalities, I’ve seen people take up different personalities depending on their environment and I can’t do that, why?

Playing Competitive Games

I suck at all types of games; board games, gaming; FIFA, mortal combat, solitaire, angry birds, candy crush, sports you name it; basically any competition except charades haha! Don’t ever pick me to be on your side. We’ll straight up loose and I’ll blame you !


Fitting in

I think I deserve an award for always failing at fitting in. I make an effort never works then I stress about it. I never seem to learn to be honest.

My face when I attend events. Also my mouth is filled with food, “Do not talk to me sign”

Being Creative

Serious talk though, I have zero talent. When I sing I sound like a frog in labour; dancing… I’m a stiff dancer if you know what I mean. Drawing, let’s say my flowers always look like they’re being blown away by wind (and that’s never the intention).

Those are just but a few things I’ve come to learn I’m not to be good at. I feel its important to know where your weaknesses lie just so you don’t spend much time investing your time on them and later feel crushed when you see no progress.

Invest in your strengths instead and embrace your weakness!

What adore some of the things you are not good at and are not ashamed to admit to yourself and others?

Jade J


20 thoughts on “Things I’m Really Not Good At”

  1. This is a really great post very honest. I think accepting what we’re not good at is sometimes really hard to do. I think we’re pushed to be great at everything but in reality we all have strengths and weaknesses and it’s ok not to be great at everything as long as you try your best ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. When it comes to not fitting me, trust me I know! I’ve been bullied to mush at school, and family. I’ve never felt like I was good at the whole social thing either, but as I grew I guess I became better at playing the life game? So I totally understand you. Have you tried taking a personality test? Enneagram 4’s (that’s a type of personality typing) are known to have problems “fitting in” since childhood. Take care fellow weirdo! (in the nicest sense)

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    1. Haha! It’s good to know my situations are relatable. I’ve never tried taking a personality test but I just googled to see Enneagram 4’S and I think I fall in that category. Cheers weirdo !
      Thank you for reading xx

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  3. I definitely can relate to being a stiff dancer. Moving my body has always felt foreign and awkward to me. I’m inspired to do a similar post. I struggle with consistency and it bothers me. Yep I feel a post coming.Thanks for your transparency.

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    1. Ha! The struggle of being a stiff dancer! You should do it. It’s cringe worth when you note down your ideas but thrilling after doing the post and publishing it.
      Thank you for reading xx


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