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Recounting My Birthdays| Happy Birthday Jade

The older I get the younger I feel and look. I still feel 13; and this is both a blessing and a curse! I’m in my 20’s but I’m always stuck explaining to people I’m not a high school student then at the same time I get away with being quirky and goofy cause people assume I’m still a teenager.

I never really bother celebrating my birthdays and the older I get, it matters less. Maybe because my birthday falls on a month that always finds me in school (away from home with my parents and siblings ) or simply because I hate celebrations. I actually think it’s both!

Unclear photo of me as a baby

My birthday was yesterday, November 2nd (Thursday). In this post, I recount how I’ve celebrated my past birthdays (get ready to be bored):

Something is definitely wrong with you if you don’t take bathroom mirror selfies

Age 1 to 5 years

Being the first-born in my family my parents went all out when I was young. Plus I was the only child till I was five years old (before my sister came along). I don’t remember much but I’ve seen photos of my birthday most of which I’m crying, I don’t know why!

My sister and I (right)

Age 6 to 12 years

My birthday falls on school periods so I’d celebrate them with my classmate. I was that cliché student who brought cake, sweets, juice at school on my birthday and we’d get an afternoon off to have a small class celebration.


Unclear photo of me that explains my relationship with food

Age 13 to 14 years

I moved schools. I joined a public school for the first time and we were about 50 in our class and I wasn’t comfortable having school birthdays. During this time I was staying with our family friend so I didn’t celebrate my birthday at all.

2016-02-18 09.10.34.jpg

Age 15 to 18 years

This was during the boarding high school phase (two different ones) I made it my mission to hide my birth date from my schoolmates cause there was this annoying tradition of pouring water on people on their birthdays. Me and Kate (a friend) used to go under a tree with junk food and snacks on my birthday and talk about the things we are grateful for.

My sister and I (left) heading to school

Age 19 years to Present 

My then boyfriend treated me to lots of junk food. We had a three people party in our hostel.

I attended a one week volunteer camp and the people their who knew of my birthday made it special by having a 30 minutes party before I had to go home. I got lost on my way home and when I got home I literally passed out till the next morning.

I was taken on a 3 day vacation /retreat with my cousin. It was fun. Music, Buffet, swimming and loads of pics.

Why am I not a gymnast?

Well, I don’t really care about birthdays anymore. Whatever happens I’ll go with the flow as long as I got my favorite snacks with me. I’ve learnt to meditate and reflect on the little things I’m grateful for.

 To another year of self discovering, blogging and misery. Cheers!

PS: Photos are set in a random order.

What’s your most memorable birthday celebration?

Jade J


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