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FodreamyInterviews: 008 – Marley from dailyADDitude

A little introduction about yourself and your blog?

I’m Marley and I blog at DAILY A.D.Ditude . For as long as I’ve understood the concept of writing (before I actually knew how to read or write), I’ve wanted to be a writer. And, fun fact, I’m terrible at introductions.


How did you come up with your blog name?

Naming has always been an area I’ve struggled with, whether it’s fiction pieces, poetry, freelance articles, blog post titles or blog names. Ultimately, I would love to get to the point where I’m blogging on a daily basis, and then, at the time I started this, I had started lowering the dosage for my ADD medication, and thinking I had a story to share, the name just sort of came to me.

What inspired you to start blogging? And who is your target audience?

When I originally started blogging, I think I was looking for a creative outlet. I’m shy when it comes to people I know very well reading some of the things I’ve written, so my first blog was created under an alias and I had some great feedback and while I’ve taken breaks and had to start over, I fell in love with blogging almost instantly and just never looked back.


As for my target audience, I certainly would love to reach others who have ADD, ADHD, anxiety or even just deal with stress. But that’s not the only focus of my blog, I’d like to think that by having a lifestyle blog, it may offer a little something for an assortment of people.

I understand you have ADD? Tell us more about it?

It’s true, I do have ADD and while I’ve certainly accepted it, it’s not something I’ve talked openly about with anyone outside of a close and trusted circle until now. I recently posted my most nerve-wrecking post to date ( 30 Facts About My ADD ).  But ADD and ADHD (along with anxiety, depression, stress, etc…) have a different impact on each individual. And maybe that’s the most important thing people need to be aware of – you can’t hear that someone has ADD and start making assumptions about who they are and what they must be like.

Where do you get inspiration for your blog content? And do you have a specific niche or you blog about anything that sparks you?

I will blog about anything. I keep a massive binder full of ideas for fiction, freelance articles and blog posts and check them off as I go.

What are some of the challenges you face from blogging?

  • One big challenge is the competitive-side to the blogging world. While I do have a competitive side, it’s not what drives my blog. In fact, I think I try to distance myself from the competitive side of blogging.
  • Another challenge, as I’m sure all bloggers can agree, is simply finding time. Life is unpredictable and sometimes, it gets in the way.

Apart from blogging what are some of your interests in your day-to-day life?

This could be a lengthy list…

  • Writing (I realize it is so similar to blogging this might sound like a bit of a cop-out), travel, photography (I’m not saying I’m good, but I like it), walking, animals, the social sciences, human resources, food, reading, etc…


Reading through your blog posts; I understand you’ve quit blogging several times? Why is that? And do you plan on sticking around this time?

I think the first time was because I was blogging under an alias and suddenly felt like I was ready to blog under my own name. The second was because my husband teased me about the name and I took it to heart. The last time I quit was because I was working full-time and I was back in school part-time and I wanted to focus on blogging and writing but I just couldn’t, so I made the difficult decision to step away. Looking back, I regret it and if I had my time back, I would make a very different decision.

This time, I definitely plan on sticking around!

I love your adventure posts. Are they planned specific for the blog?

Yes and no. I don’t travel because I want to blog or write about it, but when I travel, writing and blogging are never far from my mind. I take pictures of anything and everything and I keep a journal recording as many little details as possible because I know there’s a good chance I’ll want to share it eventually.


Also, thank you. I love them too!

Writing aside, what are some talents you have that your blog readers don’t know about?

I’m creative, and while it may seem shocking given that we’ve already established I have ADD, I consider my scheduling ability to be a natural talent, along with my ability to organize. I can also drum!

What are some of the quotes that motivate you when you are having a rough day?

“Work hard in silence; let success make the noise”

“When you can’t find sunshine, be the sunshine”


“The only way to succeed is to not worry about what anyone else is doing”

“Once in a while, blow your own damn mind”

“I believe in me”

PS: PHOTOS COURTESY OF @marleyjustine_

A huge thank you to Marley for being part of this months #FodreamyInterviews. You can check out her work on:






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