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How To| Be Productive During Menstruation

Fair warning : This post might include disgusting words for soft hearted people, and it will only be relatable to people who don’t have school/ jobs during their monthly periods.

I’m well aware I can’t really speak for everyone in this post. Premenstrual syndrome experiences vary from one lady to another; I’m currently writing this laying on the floor feeling numb on the lower part of my body due to period cramps. Some of you might be thinking; wait! your cramps are that bad? And another third of you might be snorting thinking,that doesn’t sound bad compared to what I go through. Then there’s the remaining third who I envy, they barely feel a thing during their periods.

With that said, this post is meant to represent those who always feel like crap during their periods. Symptoms may include; an extra-ordinary headache, back pain, diarrhoea, nausea, numb legs, seeing life flash through your eyes and blood through the vagina. Experienced any of these? Well, good then you can relate to this post!

Most times during menstruation, we run out of energy (physically and emotionally) and that always leads to putting our to do lists on hold. I understand completely! But there are a few ways we you can still be productive even through the pain:

Read a Book

As you curl up in bed going in and out of sleep, you can finally get acquainted with that book you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t found time yet. Now is the time!

Update your To do List/ Planner

I don’t know about you but I always have my phone close with me in my cramping phase. I use wunderlist to write my to do a list for the coming week and just generally plan my schedule (as I always never get around to do this when I’m fine)

Get Creative

This is the third post I’m drafting on my phone on the floor. If you’re a blogger/YouTuber you can draft blog post/video ideas down. Write down your lesson plan if you’re a teacher just work on something in that sleeping position.

How do you get productive during menstruation? Share your secrets!

Jade J


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