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10 Healthy Habits For 2018

How is 2018 different from all the past new Years’ you ask? Well, first of, let’s acknowledge the fact that I actually KNOW/REALISE its 2018 — normally the fact that we started a new year usually sets in on the first week of February. Secondly, I have not had problems (yet) in writing the date. You know how people mess up on dates the first month of the year – not me this year!

With that in mind, this month I am incorporating new habits at the beginning of 2018 just to set a healthy routine for myself this year. I’ll be listing the top 10 with hope that I might inspire someone else out there who is in need of change:-

  1. Be Kind to mySELF
  2. Always stay positive
  3. Be open to change
  4. Be patient with my life
  5. Embrace God’s love. Trust and have faith in Him
  6. Read more – Knowledge is power!
  7. Take care of my body- Drink more water and atleast three meals a day
  8. Save! Save ! Save more money!!!
  9. Smile more and be friendly
  10. Express myself

Over To You …

What are some healthy habits that you want to adapt to this year?

Thank you for reading. New post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

With Love,

Jade J


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