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Natural Hair: The Big Chop

Yep, I did it! After months of contemplation, I finally went through with my decision and actually cut my hair. ALL OF IT. Okay here’s the thing, I won’t try justifying my actions cause I still think it was a silly move but I’m also impressed with the fact that I was able to follow through a bold decision.

After years of torture, I was able to free my hair from the imprisonment. I didn’t want to do it ’cause after months of taking good care of my hair and actually seeing healthy improvements I knew I could live with that. But then I started watching this videos on YouTube, people talking about how the big chop transition is so fulfilling and that’s when I started entertaining the idea of chopping my hair and on December 1st 2017 the magic happened.

I still cringe every time I look at my reflection in the mirror and wonder what I was thinking but I’m sure I’ll be proud of myself in 5 months. My hair is currently at that awkward stage where I don’t really know what to do with it ’cause you can barely touch any hair.

Only decent photo I currently have. Short hair + Face scrub lol

I’m not ashamed of my short natural hair, it’s just that having the same hairstyle everyday can get boring and most times I feel uncomfortable you know? and Some outfits would just go better with braids #justsaying. Incase you’re think of chopping your hair this is what I have gathered so far:

Big Chop Pros

  • I don’t spend much time doing my hair, its wash and go everyday. It’s just easy to take care.
  • I’ve saved money that I usually spend on hair products.
  • I’m learning so much about my hair from an early stage.
  • I don’t have to visit salons, at all!
  • I currently don’t have to worry about my hair being damaged, colored or weak.

After Chop Cons

  • I look different in a weird way! You can actually see the shape of my head LOL
  • I don’t know what to do with my hair!!! Awkward phase
  • It gets boring when you have the same look every day
  • The pressure of wanting to get things right when I start growing it out again

A Big Chop can be a challenge thus you need to think through your decision. Before cutting your hair ask yourself if you feel comfortable to wearing a short haircut. Don’t just blindly jump into the “Big Chop” bandwagon then start regretting and hating on naturalistas.

Always remember, it’s just hair and it grows back *Wink*

Over To You …

Have you ever had to cut your hair short cause it was damaged?

Thank you for reading. New post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

With Love,

Jade J


16 thoughts on “Natural Hair: The Big Chop”

  1. First of all, you are gorgeous! And the cut suits you so well, yes I can relate to that “awkward feeling” when I first cut off my relaxed ends. It wasn’t as short as yours but I had a lot of shrinkage so if looked like a mini afro rather than a twa. However being used to ‘long straight hair’ it took me awhile to feel comfortable to short hair, not that I didn’t like my hair but more so the fact that it was –short. If you are ever needing any relevant information about natural hair care, please feel free to check out my blog I have some blogposts which should start you off on a good path. Love your tips on the big chop☺

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    1. Aww! Thank you so much. I’m learning to embrace of these phases before I start complaining of how tiring it id to maintain natural hair when it grows out. I see you’ve covered some of my fav topics on there, I’ll definitely be stalking your blog for tips. Thank you for reading 🙂

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  2. I’ve done several big chops and this time I’m growing my hair and I’m determined not to go super short again. The good thing about short hair is the time and money you save on styling your hair. You really suit short hair 😊

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  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and yes the phase of being tiresome will come aswell but being prepared for it will surely keep you afloat. Hopefully I’ll do my best to cover more relevant topics. Thank you! ☺

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  4. I transitioned and honestly your list of cons were the same as mine only you got to enjoy the freedom of seeing the shape of your head! Props to you!!! Good luck in your journey

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    1. Haha! seeing the shape of your head can be heartbreaking lol Thank you for reading, I’m looking forward to experience all natural freshness 🙂


  5. Congrats on your big chop! But girl the TWA phase is definitely the easiest as far as maintenance is concerned! My fro is huge now and I love it but some days….I long for a time when hair care was simple! lol!! Love your post!!

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  6. I did the big chop as well when I was trying to transition. I got tired of looking like a “wet mop” as I would say! lol Be brave and be bold! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. As I transition my brittle relaxed hair with zero new growth yet (last relaxer was beginning of April) I’m starting to feel the need to just buzz it all off. I’d rather have no hair than relaxed hair. This really inspired me to maybe take the plunge!


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