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YouTube Channel Promotion

Hey guys, welcome to FODREAMY

My name is Jade, an aspiring lifestyle blogger. Today’s post is a little bit different – a promo to be specific. I created a YouTube channel in 2016 and uploaded two videos (which you really don’t have to watch) and I have been dormant since then due to personal unavoidable circumstances. The good news is things are changing this year…this month to be specific, I will be uploading new content as much as I can – hopefully every week!

There will be a wide range of videos but mostly the content will be an extension of my blog that basically means less talking more showing (tutorials)

I’ve had 15 subscribers for the past year, which is fine since I don’t upload videos regularly but now that I want to make more videos, I kindly request YOU, reading this, to subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for the new content and I hope you enjoy.

My goal is to upload my first video when I get to 20 subscribers. I’ll see you in the next video or post, whichever comes first.


Over To You …

Do you have a YouTube channel? Leave your link in the comment section so I can check you out.

Thank you for reading. New post every Monday,Wednesday and Friday.

With Love,

Jade J.


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