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Chick Flicks Movies For A Night In

Today is a good day. My heart is filled with joy. Why you ask? Well, because I’m done with the first semester University examinations which were supposed to happen in December 2017 but due to unavoidable circumstances, they were postponed to the first week of February. So yeah, pheeww! The pressure is down a notch and I’m grateful that I get a few days break before we officially re-open for the second semester; Monday 12th February 2018.

Things are crazy, I have so much on my plate and I plan to sort and change my schedule to be able to juggle blogging, making videos, Uni work, swimming practice, part-time business, among other responsibilities. With that said, I intend to treat myself to a one party self-proclaimed sleepover for the next few days – you know, just me, Netflix and chilling in my bed.

I though I should share my all time favorite chick flicks movies which I intend to binge watch, If you have not watched these movies you should definitely check them out:-

Mean Girls

Pretty Woman

The Proposal

Bride Wars

Notting Hill

PS: Featured image courtesy of OnceUponAJayJay

Over To You …

What are some of your all time favorite chick flick movies?

Thank you for reading.

With Love,

Jade J.


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