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… Illusion| Spoken Word Poetry

“I have to ace this” I thought!

Words formed in my mind,

My pen swiftly glided on the answer sheet

I couldn’t stop myself

I kept going

Suddenly, the timer went off

With a smile, I stared down my master piece

I couldn’t believe this

My heart leapt into my throat

What have I done!

The answer sheet was blank with only doodles of teddy bears

Everyone was collecting their papers now

I could see the lecturer walking towards me

Tears had started rolling down my cheeks

“Jade! Jade!” I felt him tap my shoulder

I slowly opened my teary eyes and looked into his blurry face

“Wake up dumbass! You’ll be late for school. Don’t you have a test today?”

“Umm! Whaaaaat!”

Over To You …

Thank you for reading. New post every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

With Love,

Jade J


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