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Chit-Chat: March 2018 Edition

A lot has taken place since my last chit-chat. I started a small jewelery business (FodreamyCloset), classes for this semester commenced and the fun part is I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday every week. I go swimming at least 3 times a week. Life is just happening you know and I’m grateful for everything.

In February I didn’t write down my goals on my notebook as I always do but I had a rough idea of what I hoped to attain. Side note: I achieved most of my goals so that was fun and I got to finally start my long-awaited business. Mehn! I am on the roll people…

Anyway, I was able to write down what I aspire to achieve this month and thought I’d share just to let you inside my world and hopefully inspire someone who’s struggling to set up a pace this month

Here we go:

☆ New blog post every Tuesday and Friday – Unfortunately, I currently can’t handle posting thrice a week so I have decided to switch things up and only post twice a week this month

☆ Get to 400 blog followers

☆ Upload new video on YouTube every Saturday

☆ Visit a new place every week

☆ Go swimming four times a week

☆ Watch a new released movie every week

☆ Go on a hike trail this month

☆ Take more photographs/portraits and share on VSCO

☆ Learn to tread in deep water

☆ Drink 2 litres of water

☆ Practise yoga/weight lifting once a week, preferably on Saturday

☆ No soda/ coffee/ processed juice this month – I have done this before, It’s not easy to be honest but very worth it at the end

☆ Wake up by 6:30am go to sleep by 11:30 pm – My sleep schedule is so messed up and I need Jesus to rectify this!

☆ Learn to bake like a pro – I am just too lazy but I’ll be pushing myself to do this, I could actually blog about this if things go right

☆ Read the book of Genesis – I am teaching myself to read the Bible every day and I thought THE BEGINNING would be a good way to start.

☆ Join a Bible study group – Are there online Bible study groups you know of that I can join? I really want to get into one but I want to give a try to something random before joining the one’s my local church.

☆ Send 3 job applications weekly – this issuch a boring task but your girl needs to get a job so yeah!

☆ Plan my vacation trip – I thought it would be easy but there’s so mant tiny details to consider that makes the process quite stressful that I keep procrastinating

☆ Advertise FodreamyCloset and work on my business from Thursday to Saturday – I need to start an Instagram account for this and do face to face marketing/deliveries in town. God please see me through this

☆ Thorough school work revision Monday to Wednesday – This is important!With so many things happening I need to study hard, I really hope I graduate this year!

Those are some of the main things planned for this month.

Over To You …

What are some of the things you hope to achieve this month?

Thank you for reading. New post every Tuesday and Friday.

With Love,

Jade J


7 thoughts on “Chit-Chat: March 2018 Edition”

  1. “My sleep schedule is so messed up and I need Jesus to rectify this!” hahaha I feel exactly the same – literally was just thinking how do I become that person who wakes up way before they have to just for the sake of enjoying a slow morning? Let me know if you find out haha xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww thanks Jade! I will be looking out for your Saturday videos. I am so inconsistent with YouTube 😅 but next month I plan to get back on track.


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