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What Black Panther Means To Me

I enjoy listening to christian music. It is not about the beats, tempo or music video… the message behind it is much important to me. It soothes me, gives me hope and makes me feel drawn closer to God and I enjoy that!

How does Christian music have to do with Black panther you ask ?

Well for me, black panther wasn’t just a marvel superhero movie and it had the same effect Christian music has on me… HOPE!

The representation! as a young African woman that moved me. For the first time, a movie made me feel connected to a community that has been looked down upon for centuries. It gave me hope, hope that finally we are getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel.

It must be an eye opening experience for the people involved who didn’t expect much from it. I have watched the movie thrice so far and like every marvel fan, I was excited when I heard of an upcoming superhero movie but when I heard the main character and cast was black, I was excited … I’m black so we don’t get to see that everyday! I still wonder if it was uncomfortable for some people though!

Most people still don’t understand the hype and that should say a lot about the entertainment industry but let me break it down to you:

  • Black panther is a marvel superhero movie and the superhero is black. This is a first people! I like how most of the cast is black and the movie doesn’t focus on the stereotypes of black people being in gangs … Or where we see the black guy always dies first in the movie or my favourite plot; black person is simply broke and poor.
  • The women! Can we take a moment to appreciate the women cast in the movie who were holding down Wakanda. The power of women is always underestimated in real life so I am glad that Blank Panther was able to pick up on that and actually use it to show how majestic and amazing empowered women can be.
  • Africa. Blank Panther has left many of us wondering if that is how Africa would have been if it were not for colonization. Africa is a rich continent with natural resources just simply beautiful and I believe the growth would have been tremendous had it not been for some dudes who selfishly came to contaminate and enslave its people.
  • Ryan Coogler. I promise I have a list of favourite movies but if you ask me who directed them I’d just give you a blank look. I appreciate his work and effort and the fact that most people acknowledge the fact that he directed the movie proves how great of a job he did. We always watch movies and rarely care (or know unless you are an aspiring director/ screenwriter or professional movie critic person) who directed them so that is a plus!

    PS: Please don’t misquote me, I’m not saying Black Panther is the Best ALL time movie ever… The message and ideology behind the making of Black Panther is what makes it good for me. And like every other movie, it’s okay not to like it but support the revolution!

    With that said, you need to go watch the movie if you have not done that yet.

    Over To You …

    What does Black Panther mean to you?

    Thank you for reading. New post every Tuesday and Friday.

    With Love,

    Jade J


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