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How I Deal With My TWA

Remember when I said taking care of short hair is easier? Well, I no longer feel the same. But if I’m being honest I think it has to do with the change in length of my hair. I can no longer pull an “I woke up like this” with my hair and just leave the house. There’s a slight growth and that comes with a bit of struggle. That’s code for; I have to literally start taking care of it.

For those who haven’t met me, I feel the need to tell you guys I have natural coily, dry and messy hair. I comb my hair and the first person I bump into after leaving the house asks me why I didn’t comb my hair, it’s no joke!

I just don’t like my hair at this stage, what I’ve been doing is wearing hats and head wraps but that doesn’t solve the issue. It’s more like sweeping dirt under the rag! I decided to come up with a regimen for my short annoying hair:

I co-wash my hair three times a week, believe me I know how bad that sounds but with swimming; chlorine keeps getting into my hair and I’m a bit paranoid so from Monday to Wednesday after my evening swimming sessions I co wash my hair with Simply Shea deep conditioner & co-wash with Organic Shea butter

Hair treatment once a week; preferably on Thursday evening. I got the small jar of Lorys hair treatment jar. I’m trying not to splurge on hair products with my TWA cause by the time my hair is at a decent length I’ll start complaining on how hair products make me broke, you know the cycle!
I moisturise every morning and sometimes before I got to sleep. I spray sprints of water, apply leave in then oil it with coconut oil!

When I’m not too lazy, I wrap it in a satin cloth but I’m tired of doing all this, it just feels like having a part time job you dislike.

I have learnt taking care of hair whether short or long requires patience and hard work. I apologies for insinuating short hair is easier to maintain. My hair was way shorter then than it is now!

The shrinkage is real

With that said, I’m looking forward to braiding my hair this weekend and for the next few months.

Over To You …

Do you prefer your hair shor or long? Which is easier to take care of?

Thank you for reading.

With Love,



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