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Fodreamy1on1: Procrastination

I’m always procrastinating. I think I am a far worse procrastinator than the next guy, I have mastered the skill to ignore, sidestep tasks that I know must be done with urgency. No one likes to do what  they don’t want to do, right? However, last week it occurred to me how this behavior has turned me into a lazy person.

I have been putting off tasks and created an energy drag thus causing complications (like procrastinating on revising for a test). Now, you’d think because I had a ‘light bulb realization moment’ I’d begin working on my habit! Well, I seem to have switched my focus into finding out why I procrastinate.

My biggest issue is self-doubt.

If you are a frequent visitor on my blog you may be aware of my planning obsession. I have an ongoing system where I plan my year, months, week, days to get things done yet I still procrastinate all my tasks no matter how hard I try.

Fear of failure haunts me. Low self-esteem, lack of motivation. Even when I know something is important, something I should urgently do, I procrastinate! As a result, I go through my days knowing I have so much work to do to achieve my dreams yet I am unable to take action. I bury my head in novels just to get away from the real world.


Self-doubt is crippling. Hear me out, I’m past making excuses right now because I am in dire need of conquering my fear and essentially loathe the idea of procrastination.

From the title above, I know most of you are here eager for tips on how to conquer or overcome procrastination. Truth be told, I wish I knew cause I’d gladly share but I don’t! There are 100+ suggestions on the internet on how to stop the habit but then again, I procrastinate on adapting the skills.

No, I’m not suggesting I will live with the habit forever. I feel like the tips on the internet are too general. I’m quite optimistic about changing this habit, I can do this!

My first step is acknowledging that my problem is bigger than I’m letting on!


Over To You …

What do you struggle with and makes you procrastinate?

Thank you for reading. New post Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

With Love, Jade.























































5 thoughts on “Fodreamy1on1: Procrastination”

  1. 😂😂 Jade, this could easily be my post. I have so much to do, yet still I procrastinate. I feel accomplished if I complete one out the twenty tasks I must get done. And the reason the tasks has numbered twenty is because I procrastinate. HELP! like you, give a good novel and I can bury my head in the book


    1. aaah! It always feels nice to know that you are not alone. I get how frustrating procrastinating can be, a good novel used to comfort me but It’s now all too much!
      Thank you for reading xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel you babe. 🙂

    I have over 10 drafts on my blog (not to mention the other backlogs outside). Sometimes, I try to justify this with “it’s not important, anyway”. Still, I’ve been trying so hard to overcome this habit. It’s doing me no good.

    Liked by 1 person

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