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Review| Our Moment – One Direction Fragrance

I have always been a One Direction fan but I don’t really tend to go for celebrity fragrances, truth be told I just find them too expensive. Our Moment fragrance , which I believe was their first collection in 2013 was designed to target women (obviously) specifically younger teens I’d say.


My cousin got me the fragrance in 2016 – bless her soul and I have been using it for two years and counting. It comes in a beautiful pink box with the band members faces on the front and rose patterns at the sides (which I didn’t get to see). The bottle itself is honestly stunning and feminine, It’s a glass bottle with a crown lid with pink mesh in it.


It’s almost over

The scent is of sweet fresh fruits with floral notes which is what I hoped for. It’s with no doubt a very feminine fragrance, not too sweet while blending the right amount of fruity scent moderately progressing to the floral and complimenting it gracefully. This is a little different from what I usually wear as I am prone to suffer from car sickness due to smells and odour, but I actually really enjoy the fragrance.

One Direction did an excellent job and I’m tempted to try their other collections. You have no idea how grateful I am to have received this because I’d never have purchased and tried it on my own. I’d definitely recommend this cause its stunning and beautifully scented and as much as It’s a fragrance from 2013 the scent can never go out of style.

Over To You …

Which are some of your favorite fragrances ?

Thank you for reading. New post on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday?

With Love, Jade.


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