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Review| Parachute Advanced Coconut Hair Oil

Growing up, my grandma used to make homemade coconut oil and I hated it. She used it on her skin, hair and I didn’t understand the obsession. Fast forward ten years later and I use coconut oil on my face, my body, hair and everything else in between.

I talked about this Indian guy when I did a review on Mysore Sandal Soap, well the guy was kind enough to gift us more products and this hair oil happens to be one of them.

Parachute Advanced Coconut Hair Oil


I have used this product since lasy year but I had never heard of it before it was gifted to me. It is a product of Marico Industries limited based in Mumbai, India. It is enriched with hair nourishing nutrients and can be used for natural conditioning, for protection from the sun and for extra nourishment.

Price: MRP 135 ( 1.97 USD)


My Views : 

The consistency is light hence easily washes off when shampooing so I mostly use it when pre-pooing. I then use it after washing my hair and the first thing I noticed was that when applied, it just glided through my hair. It made my hair feel soft and it left a distinct scent of spicy-ness. I was able to apply it on my hair and my hair didn’t feel overly greasy. As for hair growth, I haven’t noticed anything magical. But for nourishment and moisture, it certainly covers that!


  • Makes hair soft and manageable.
  • It is affordable
  • It washes off easily.
  • It does not result in scalp irritation.


  • The bottle gets covered with oil and gets slippery EVERY time you use the oil – it just gets messy.
  • The fragrance is over powering for people with low tolerance of odour and scent (aka yours truly)

Side Note:

This hair oil is amazing to be honest but I would not recommend it to my afro/ kinky hair sisters. It just doesn’t work as well if you do a comparison. I feel the oil would work best on Caucasian, Asian hair.

My Rating: 2.5/5

Over To You …

Which is your go to hair oil?

Thank you for reading. New post every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

With Love, Jade.


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