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Life Breaks My Heart

Good afternoon friend, it has been a while and my apologies for disappearing. It has been a month of getting all my school work done and studying for exams which I finished yesterday.

I feel like shit. I thought after finishing my exams I’d feel better, well – that hasn’t happened yet! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I’m done with school work and I’m ready to take a well needed break but I didn’t anticipate the real world problems would be patiently waiting for me at the peak of my sanity.

I truly wish I could go on vacation right now but then I have to throw myself in the world of job hunting, Internships, getting a place to stay – which is just too much pressure right now but I’m working with a deadline, so that’s not fun at all. I stopped working out and I am a bit worried about my health because I’ve been over thinking and getting mild headaches and my dreams are quite vivid. I’m scared I might be swept right back into a wave of stress because everything is currently overwhelming.

I literally haven’t left the house except for the occasions that I needed to be in school or church and that makes me feel worse which is infuriating. As I write this I can’t help but think of last Sunday’s sermon – the pastor mentioned how we (human’s ) need to know how to separate what is important and what is urgent. Important things are like: family, health etc …. Urgent things are like: JOBS. He said we shouldn’t put off our health matters at the expense of getting work done. When your health deteriorates your  company could always replace you but where does that leave you !?

The sad part is I did nod my head when he said that because I felt that he was speaking to me you know, yet here I am! Letting myself go on a spiral. It’s hard and draining but I need to pick myself up before things go out of control.

I didn’t mean for this post to be coated with sadness but oh well! Cheers to taking one day at a time of picking myself up. Time to start living instead of just existing.

Over To You …

What are some of the things about life that are so draining at the moment?

Thank you for reading. New blog post Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

With Love, Jade.




3 thoughts on “Life Breaks My Heart”

  1. hey, Jade. It’s ok take your time dear. This is life. But don’t give in. Do something that uplifts your mood. Keep yourself active even if you don’t feel like. Distracting yourself from sadness sometimes work. Waiting for you to be back with a bang. Love and hugs


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