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Things I Want People To Know About Anxiety

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you must be aware of my struggle with GAD. I won’t get much into the history but you can always read my previous posts. Having an anxiety disorder is confusing and with all the misconceptions around it, it makes it easy for the misunderstanding.

Here as some of the thing I would like people to know about anxiety:-

  1. I wish people knew that as much as you think what I’m feeling is “irrational” It’s real to me.
  2. It’s different for everyone.
  3. Even when I look put together, I am struggling in the inside and it takes great lengths to do all normal things.
  4. Be more understanding when I seem to have lost interest in you out of the blues. I don’t want to push you away, I don’t even understand why I’m doing it.
  5. Telling me to stop worrying or calm down is just annoying and won’t help the situation at all. Anxiety is more than just worrying about something.

Over To You …

What are some ofte things you’d like people to know about anxiety?

Thank you for reading.

With Love, Jade.


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