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I happen to be a huge fan of romance books. I know… I know, cliché and all but I live for the fantasy! One of my favorite reading tools is Wattpad, I am surprised that most people are unfamiliar with this service. Basically, Wattpad is a reading and writing platform that is like an e-book subscription service without the subscription. Readers can access thousands of stories, for FREE, free books people!

I’ll be sharing five of my favorite wattpad romance books; in no particular order – that I’ve read recently in hopes of getting my fellow romance lovers to jump into the wattpad bandwagon:-

Allure Of Darkness

Sweet, innocent Camilla Tahara’s only desire was to marry the love of her life. But on the day of their wedding, Kai Dubois vanished. Determined to dispute the rumor that he left her at the altar, she leaves her small town searching for help from the city detectives. Fate leads her down to Detective Alexander Dimitriou’s path. A man who has spent the better part of his life idolizing his horrible, nefarious wife. Shot in cold blood, he wakes up from a coma convinced his wife was behind the shooting. But she manipulates him like th strings on a guitar. Despite his darkness, Camilla can’t help being drawn into him. It doesn’t help that he’s hell bent on using her to pacify the demons torturing him.

Faces of Love

When the town’s number one prostitute is made a jaw dropping offer she cannot refuse, nothing can prepare her for the consequences of that one decision. Gloria Grande, orphaned, forced to make a living from prostituting herself. It’s a life Gloria lives everyday fighting to come out of and she is finally given the opportunity One year. Marry the son of a wealthy merchant for one year and get paid three hundred thousand dollars. It was that simple. At least that is what Gloria is thinking when she accepts the offer. Until she meets Howard; the aloof, bitter son of her employer. Now, Gloria must battle Howard’s attitude and try to win his love or at least survive a year under his mistrust and scrutiny and worst of all, the burning desire to get back to her life as a prostitute; a life she never imagined in a million years, she’d miss.

The Spare

Isis Kalenius isn’t the nicest person in the world, but her sister, Phoenix, is much worse. When her sister’s fiance, Leo DeRozan, calls her over into the VIP section with only one thing in mind, she sees an opportunity to get back at Phoenix and takes it. She forgot one thing about being royalty: someone is always watching. That night is no exception. One sex tape and several hours later, Isis and Leo find themselves married to each other, neither of them happy about it. As they slowly become accustomed to life together, they discover that there are secrets all around them, and Leo realizes that Isis is not what he expected.

Loving Marguerite

He needs a place to live, she needs a baby daddy. Pietro Santangelo and Marguerite White are students at prestigious Columbia University in New York City. She is a fun-loving, free spirit who finds herself in a bit of a familial bind, he is an exchange student with a chronic case of poverty. They concoct a plan that they think will work, not realizing how much changes with two simple words..

Finding Normal in Hollyville

Edwardus Augustinus is a man on a mission to find normalcy. Tired of always feeling like he is living under a microscope being daily scrutinized by the public and his family, he’s set off on a spontaneous adventure. The only thing he left behind was a note informing his family he is alright and does not wish to be found until he’s found NORMAL. He finds himself in small town Hollyville surrounded by people who has absolutely no idea who he is allowing him to be anyone he wants to be. He finds himself attracted to the town’s sweetheart Rose Stevens but it’s an attraction he knows he must fight because of the secret life he’s left behind. Single mother and town Pediatrician Rose Steven’s has had her heart-broken one too many times and has sworn off men. Her life revolves around her seven-year old daughter Emma, her work and church. That is until a mysterious stranger drives into town and catches her attention and captures her daughter’s heart. Will she be able to keep her attraction to him a secret? Will she find out the secret he hides.

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Over To You …

Have you read any books on Wattpad? Which is your favorite?

Thank you for reading. 

With Love, Jade.






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