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The older you get, more responsibilities come your way. It’s part of growing but the negative impact of this is we tend to take life way to serious – chasing after that degree, your dream job and that lover boy – thus turning into an “all work and no play” kind of lady.

Unfortunately, most women tend to be repulsed by the idea of being in company of other ladies, “Women have so much drama,” Women are to girly for my liking”. The truth is we need each other! With the thousands of excuses we come up with about shunning the company of other ladies, we always have that one girl, one lady or woman we enjoy their company but rarely have time for them.

To put the fun back into our relationship with that girl friend that matters you could:-

  • Send her a cheeky, fun message just to remind yourselves why you get each other.
  • Have a sleepover and binge-watch both your favorite movies while doing your nails or gaming; whatever rocks your boat!
  • Enjoy an impromptu day out at a coffee shop or do something outdoorsy you both enjoy e.g. hiking, bike riding, nature walks
  • Involve them in your current life experiences. Share with them what you’ve been up to, the struggles you are currently undergoing and so on. Simply communicate!

Over To You …

How do you reignite fun with your girlfriends after falling of the radar for sometime?

Thank you for reading.

With Love, Jade.



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