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I am definitely a Vaseline on my lips kind of girl, but I often prefer gloss over matte lipstick cause my lips are plump – lipstick tends to accentuates my lips, which isn’t a bad thing but sometimes I just want equal attention on my crappy eye makeup and dazzling unibrow too.


I had never heard of this lip gloss ( I don’t even know which brand it is) but I was excited to try it out when my cousin gifted me the sweet cherry and blue berry duo.

First Impression

The packaging of this lip gloss is very unique; in a cheap way. The pack is clear with black and white polka dots on the inside, I like that the tubes are colorful they give the glosses a girly and vibrant vibe. This glosses are plastic and round with no applicator.

Sweet Cherry

The tube is squishy thus pressing anywhere will produce the gloss which is gooey at sight for sure. I prefer using my finger tip as an applicant to limit the coverage amount I get on my lips. The lip shade of lip gloss matches the outer tube color.

My Views

Both of the lip glosses are scented; they have a distinct stink that I do struggle with – It reminds me of a chemistry lab and the flavors simple suck!

Blue Cherry

It’s too thick and sticky on the lips and it feels like it’s sucking out the moisture out of my lips. I feel like spitting every time I lip my lips when wearing the gloss.


My Rating: 0.5/ 5

Honestly, this gloss is horrible not worth buying at all!

Over To You …

Ever tried this gloss before? Which is the most horrible lip gloss you have ever tried?

Thank you for reading.

With Love, Jade.


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