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I can’t explain the joy I am filled with when I see people who are in love. Real love is contagious, I find myself giggling and blushing because it’s so fulfilling and amazing.

Before any couple get’s to that point; usually they go through the dating phase. According to Wikipedia, Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship or marriage.

When you start liking someone or have a crush we tend to unconsciously oversee things. Things which on a normal day we’d group them as our pet peeves. Most of us (yes, not all) are trapped in this bubble where we feel this human is perfect and right in all ways. Nobody is perfect obviously but I’d like to point out sometimes we ignore some aspects about a person cause “we like them” and when we start dating them, we feel like our partner has changed but in reality we just ignored the aspects cause we are blinded by love. Do you get my drift? In my opinion it’s important to:-

  • Date someone who is not only present physically, but is there spiritually and emotionally.
  • Date someone who leaves their phone in their pocket during dinner, not someone who stares at the screen to answer texts and check on social media notifications.
  • Date someone who actually gives you full attention when speaking, not someone who glances back at the television because they’re waiting for you to finishing talking.
  • Date someone who listens closely to stories they can tell are important to you, not someone who keeps jumping in every five seconds with their own story because she would rather be the one talking.
  • Date someone who pays attention to you even when you are in a crowded room filled with their friends, not someone who forgets you exist the second other people are around to keep them company.
  • Date someone who notices when you come home with tears glistening in your eyes, not someone who barely looks at you when you walk into the room.

I know how silly they may sound but it’s the small things that make a good and strong foundation in a relationship. Trust me in this!

Blog post inspired by Katie from

Over To You …

What do you think is of importance to consider when in the dating phase?

Thank you for reading.

With Love, Jade.


5 thoughts on “DATE SOMEONE WHO”

  1. Hi, great post!
    For me it’s someone who you click with! Whether it’s sense of humour/things in common/someome who understands you. Yes I agree with what you said about noticing you and giving you the right attention:)
    I’ve also followed you,,Zoe 🙂


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