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How many of you have ever heard of bloggers’ guilt? If you’re hearing this for the first time, yes! It’s a real thing. Basically, it’s when you unintentionally put your blog on hold cause you have so much going on that your blog has to take a back seat.

This year, 2018 was supposed to be the year of breakthroughs’ when it came to blogging – you know the usual: start working with brands, customize and make blogging a part time job but well as you can tell that hasn’t happened. And if I’m being honest this is the year I really slacked when it came to blogging, at first I wasn’t sure if it was writers’ block or just simply laziness; I mean the last time I posted something was in august and that was me trying really hard to make a “comeback”.

I enjoy writing and blogging is a hobby I picked back in 2015 bored studying commerce. I needed an outlet to share my opinions and experiences so my journalism club friend introduced me to WordPress and here I am. When I started out, I thought blogging meant writing and hitting the publish button but I later came to learn that there’s so much more that goes into blogging and being a blogger. You can’t hit the publish button once a month and proclaim you are a blogger – well you can but it’s not 99.95% legit. Blogging involves planning your post, actual writing, taking photos (most readers are keen about the photos), editing, promoting cause no one will read your blog if you don’t put it out there then you have to interact with the blogging world. I mean I couldn’t have known all this in December 2014.

Through the years I have learn’t so much and I enjoyed blogging – still do! Blogging has become the one consistent thing that I enjoy doing because it brings me joy. But then between 2015 and now so much has happened and changed and responsibilities keep piling on and on thus having to constantly adjust priorities. 2018 has been a fair year so far but I have had so much on my plate. October was the first month that I had a stable routine, I’m serious – I’m quite aware of what’s going on in my life so that’s a good thing.

Okay, let me take a chill pill because I feel I’m rambling. Anyway, I was feeling guilty, very guilty for abandoning my blog! I had heard the term bloggers’ guilt before but I always thought people are trying to use a classy term not to be held accountable for not being a consistent blogger or something along the lines of laziness. But see how Karma works here I am trying to justify myself.
I make zero dollars from blogging so I wouldn’t bullshit you, you know! Bloggers’ guilt happens. When faced with unavoidable circumstances and you feel your blog needs to take a chill pill that’s okay. It’s your blog YOU make the rules don’t feel guilty if you have to prioritize other life happenings. Take some timeout if need be.

Welp! I hope that was convincing enough it did make me feel better for sure.

Over to You …

Have you ever faced bloggers’ guilt?

Thank you for reading.

Jade J.


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