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In my previous blog post I talk about blogger’s guilt something I experienced for months when I neglected my blog – that did not happen on purpose though! I had so much on my plate and the only time I was free and thought, hey, maybe I should whip something up and post on my blog; I didn’t feel like it.

I had been questioning this whole blogging thing prior to taking a break. I enjoy blogging let’s not get that twisted but I can no longer answer the question “why am I blogging?”

Back in 2015, my reason was being bored and needing an outlet to share opinions and experiences thus blogging. I’m in a different space right now – I am not bored so why am I doing it. For months I felt unmotivated to write. I was waiting for the right time. The time I could answer my why and have that tingling feeling of ideas flowing through my mind. The why is very important don’t get me wrong but I have been dragging through life waiting for the “right time,” the time I feel motivated.

Months down the line I still haven’t made any progress because I got comfortable telling myself lies that I can’t continue blogging if I’m not motivated to do it. But the truth is, there’s never going to be the right time to chase after what you want, whether it’s leaving your job, moving to a new city, starting that business or simply leaving life. Okay, I don’t really know if this happens to everyone or just me but sometimes nothing goes right. Plans, goals everything falls apart. When that happens I always have this blog to lean on, it brings me peace knowing that there’s one thing I can do when everything is messy.

It might sound so cliché but my current my current answer to “Why I blog?” is because blogging is a hobby that brings me joy and satisfaction.

I don’t have to blog but I want to so I will cause nothing worth having is easy to get or keep. Stop making excuses like me. Go for what you want even when you feel unmotivated, God will align everything for you for the good and glory of His name!!

Over to you …

What action do you have to take to achieve your goals?

Thank you for reading.

Jade J



  1. Jade thank you for the lovely post. A post I can so relate to. in my own last post I wrote about being blessed “in disguise ” like you call it. I wrote about how grateful I was for my struggles. They taught me so much about myself that it doesn’t bother me anymore that I don’t have what I want. I have what I need.

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    1. Hey, I’m glad you found the post relatable, kindly share the link, I’d love to read your post on blessings “in disguise”
      Thank you for reading xo


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