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Today, I’m going to take you through my current favorite hair products. This year my hair care products have been pretty consistent partially because I bought products in bulk before chopping my hair. For those who don’t know I have natural 4C coily hair, when washed the shrinkage can be 75% of true length it’s just crazy. Okay enough with the chit chat, lets get into;


I’m taking a break from my experimenting phase and just sticking to the basics and this is what I enjoy at the moment;

Shea Solutions: Leave In Conditioner

This is the best leave in conditioner I have ever used so far. I like the smell and it actually does the job it’s meant to – detangles, softens and moisturizes.

Mikalla Hair Essentials: Cleansing & conditioning Shampoo

I got the whole set of Mikalla Hair Essentials on my birthday last year. The smell of this shampoo is divine, once you massage the clear liquid on the scalp and let it run down your hair it leaves it velvety which is awesome – doesn’t dry my hair at all.

Dhahabu Oils:

Castor Oil

I have always wanted to to try Tony Airos hair products so I got two tiny testing bottles of Castor and Tea Tree Oil. I mostly use Castor on the front and back edges of my hair and it seems to be working okay so far.

Tea Tree Oil

Due to constant braiding, my scalp gets dry and itchy so this bad boy has helped soothe my scalp and in addition I love the smell so I add a few drop to the water I spray my hair with

Over to you…

What hair products are you currently obsessed with?

Thank you for reading.

Jade J


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