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I had this idea a few weeks ago but I brushed it off, thought I’m being too optimistic. The thing with my thoughts and ideas is they’re persistent, they never just go away without a valid reason.

Yesterday while watching motorbikes from my bedroom window, the idea popped in my mind again and I was like okay give me a bit of time I’ll think of something in the evening. When I got home in the evening, there it was again like an annoying kid demanding attention. My plan for today’s post was something completely different but I guess that will go up next Thursday.

I have been open about my struggle with Mental Health (Anxiety and Depression) on my blog. The cycles are draining and only after I start feeling okay do I feel strong. My greatest fear in life is that someone out there in the world is going through the same experiences as I am and is on the verge of giving up – especially young teens. This is my cry for help. Help me reach out to people struggling with MH as I’d like to start a support group on WhatsApp.

I’d like to believe most of you know how WhatsApp groups work. You can think of #weightlossgroups as it seems to be the most common kind of group out there. I am in no place to share a success story as I still face my ups and downs. As I type this I can’t help but think… Yikes!!! What the hell am I getting myself into but I know if I don’t act on this, it will bug me Every. Single. Second.

Generally, we need to unlearn so many things and asking for help should be on top of our priorities when we know something is wrong. There are a lot of social pressures against asking for help and trust me, I know how hard that is but if we create a casual atmosphere where hopefully on a daily basis, we can interact and share our naked truths of how we really feel, encourage each other through our experiences and maybe help that one person who is on the verge of giving up.

If you feel you fall into that category struggling with Mental Health and you need to be encouraged or encourage, share your experiences then I have a platform. Send me an email ( or contact me on Twitter ( @fodreamy ) and I’ll share all the logistics.

PS: Anyone around the world can join all you need is to have is WhatsApp… Easy!

Thank you in advance.

Over to you …

Would you like to join the support group?

Thank you for reading.

With Love, Jade J.


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