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I always joke about my memory being 1 GB, might be true or not I just know my concentration span compares to that of a child especially when I have to study. If you have a photographic memory or are just super smart then this blog post is irrelevant to you. This one goes to the average student, who has to read one sentence more than twenty times for it to make sense then in between trying to remember what you just read you day dream, imagine yourself in a Beyoncé music video!? Did you find that relatable? Well, then this post is for you!

I really struggled this last semester because I had to do an Economics unit which was too boring to hold my attention and actually commit to study. I went online (I’m a millennial sue me) and researched on tips I could incorporate to my routine and this is what worked for me:

Studying in shorter intervals and taking breaks. I started out with studying for fifteen minutes then take five minutes break with time my studying periods increased but were still shorter intervals.

During my breaks I didn’t surf the internet. I always put my phone on plane mode while studying because I didn’t want to be distracted so during breaks I either rummage the kitchen for snacks or do squats, anything to stay away from the internet.

When writing short notes instead of writing word for word as my notes were, I used my own words instead – paraphrased what I read not copy pasting.

One of the reasons I enjoy reading novels is because you get the opportunity to visualize the characters; that’s hard when you study things like public finance but what helped me relate and understand was using real life scenarios, I always like professors who give examples make it easier for me to remember.

These tips worked okay for me, but I wouldn’t mind you sharing more basic tips with me. I’d love to improve my grades so all tips are welcomed; I’ll see what works and add to my list. I hope this was helpful to you too.

Over to you…

What studying tips work for you and are not on my list?

Thank you for reading.

With Love, Jade J.


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