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Tomorrow was supposed to be a special day. Well, I hope it still will be cause it’s Friday but the difference is it won’t be what I had in mind in the first place. Generally, that pretty much sums up 2018; hoping for something but always getting redirected. This was supposed to be the year of breakthroughs – breakthrough for my blog, my writing, my career, my online presence, my school work but you know what I got instead? Breakthroughs for visiting a new county, breakthrough for my reading the books I always wanted to read but couldn’t afford to buy, brutal family meetings that has strengthened our family bond, an internship at the County Government that fell through when I needed it most. Honestly my journey is one for the books, l should definitely write one, one day.

God has showed himself strong in my life and I can confidently say the reason I am who I am today is because of the relationship I am building with Him. I cry myself to sleep sometimes, blame Him for my doomed existence, laugh at how silly my thoughts are and play naked truth with Him cause I am 100% sure he won’t tell my secrets. Through all this I have learned so many things:

  • Prayer is so powerful and the name of God is more powerful than we think
  • God is super faithful even when we don’t understand why somethings happen as they do, He is still in control.
  • As cliche as this may sound, worrying doesn’t change the outcome, it just robs you of a happy and peaceful moment

I won’t lie, I’m bummed about tomorrow but you know what? I am too blessed to stress and I trust God too much to give up.

Over to you …

What are some of the things that have in a blessing in disguise this year?

Thank you for reading.

With Love, Jade J



  1. Whatever struggles you have this year, you’re still blessed. The blessings you received are more than your struggles. That’s something you really have to be grateful. 🙂

    Personally, this year has been fairly tough, challenging but awesome! I’ve hit rock bottom but I was too busy trying to get up that I couldn’t remember how painful that fall was. So, it’s a wonderful year anyway!


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