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Hey friends, Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve got your goals and plans for 2019 in place cause this is the year of breakthroughs for you. Can I get an Amen!

Now, let’s jump right into today’s topic, I have had my share of stressful situations that could last me a lifetime. Being the first month of the year, we all need (in one way or another) to undergo through change, I believe everyone has faced stressful situations – unfortunately stress doesn’t know color, race, gender, etc. stress doesn’t discriminate, that’s kind of cool in a twisted way don’t you think? Stress is the body’s natural response to pressure. It mostly has a negative effect on your body, mood, as well as behavior, with effects like headaches, anxiety and fatigue.

The causes of stress vary from one person to the next, and so do the effects. Managing stress should be a priority, but is often difficult to achieve due to lack of time or simple methods to do so. I compiled two ways that help me ease stressful situations

Organize My Life

Organizing my workload leads to a sense of control and peace of mind, and there are many ways to achieve this. One way to do this is through coming up with a good time management, by prioritizing tasks, and scheduling time to complete them.

Get Enough Sleep
Not getting enough typically leads to irritability and fatigue. Oversleeping, on the other hand, can make us sluggish. Getting the right amount of sleep is a good way to stay energized and effectively manage the challenges of the day.

In this busy and stressful life, these simple methods can help you manage stress and maintain good mental and physical health. You should give them a try.

DISCLAIMER: My methods only work for situational kind of stress.

Over To You …

How do you ease stressful situations?

Thank you for reading. New post every Monday and Thursday.

Lots of Love, Jade.



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