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Hey friends, did you know that Vinegar can be used to reduce ants in the kitchen? Well, I learnt this few months ago from my dad. Vinegar, also known as white vinegar has several uses around the home ranging from cleaning, to stain removal, and sanitizing. My dad sprints vinegar around the shop shelves to reduce ants that crawl looking for sugary stuff, apparently ants don’t like the smell of vinegar.

Yours truly, decided to take advantage of the bottle of white vinegar that I didn’t pay for, for my own personal benefit. Here’s how I’ve been using it:

1. Nail care 

Before painting my nails, I wipe them with vinegar to remove any natural oils on the nails making the polish last longer. Once the nails are dry I apply base coat and continue with my pedicure.

2. Natural deodorant 

I mix an equal amount of vinegar with water then use cotton wool to wipe my underarms. The vinegar gets rid of any body odor and once it dries the vinegar smell vanishes.

3. Clear up acne 

I mostly use this on my forehead and chin area (the affected areas). I dip cotton in my vinegar mix and apply it once a day. The acidity in vinegar will dry out the pimple and restore the skin’s pH levels.

Over To You …

Have you ever used vinegar in your beauty routine?

Thank you for reading. New post every Monday and Thursday.

With Love, Jade.


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