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Back in December, a day to 2018 I set yearly goals for myself then published a blog post; New Year… Renewed Hope! I was determined and hopeful to achieve my set goals to be honest but by the third month, I couldn’t tell you what my goals were without having to refer from my notebook. I’m trying so hard not to fall into that pit this year.. Not that I haven’t set any goals, it’s just that I’m trying to hold myself accountable by doing a follow up of whatever plans/goals I set.

Why is that?

When you join a community, in my case the blogging community you try as much as possible to create your own persona, style and quirky way of telling your stories but there’s always the default habits that you naturally adopt, in most cases to fit in.

Let me explain;

If you are anything like me, then you started blogging just to create a platform to share your ideas with readers but then along the ways you learn that in blogging you have to plan, edit, promote etc. those are some of the things you pick up along the way. Basically what I’m trying to in-eloquently get across is, as a blogger/content creator there’s this box filled with basic blog post ideas that no one makes you open it but you do; the imaginary box is filled with expectations: New Year’s Resolution, summer haul, Halloween movies, Blogmas, Blogtober among others kind of post. You have to at least pick one topic from the box and blog about it, it’s an unsaid rule I think!


Please don’t misquote me; those post are good (especially when you’re faced with writer’s block) but this is my mediocre way of acknowledging the fact that I only write them because one, everyone has been doing them for generations and two; in the back of my mind I feel like I’m expected to talk about my New Year’s resolution – makes me look focused and ready to take on the year.


this year I was challenged to do something different. Instead of sharing my resolutions and goals, i’ll select a few random goals from 2018 see whether I achieved or not the said goal. This should be interesting, without further ado let’s review last year’s goals.

Ok, my first goal was to buy and read a new book (not on kindle) every month. I only bought new books the first two months of the year then I went back to getting my books online but what I am proud of is the number of books I actually read last year surpassed the total number of books I’ve been reading the past two years combined so that is something but it still doesn’t change that I didn’t accomplish this first goal.

My second goal was to Get 300 more followers on my blog to reach 600 followers on my blog. Well, I did grow but not to 600 followers! I honestly feel like setting a specific number to grow to is redundant because you literally have no control. Even hard work and consistency can’t necessarily equate number of people following – views on the other hand can be a good way to know your growth. I don’t know someone educate me on this. Anyway, I didn’t reach that goal.

Thirdly, I wanted to start an earring business. I did achieve this, the sales are still slow though but at least I made this happen.

The fourth goal was to Visit a new place every week. For someone who prefers indoor activities I’d say I wasn’t thinking straight when I set this goal. I did visit new places but not every week so technically I did not achieve this goal.

Then I wanted to, Plan vacation details this year (2018). I can’t help but smile at this one. I really wanted to visit Morocco in 2018 but that didn’t happen, note that I didn’t specify the destination of my vacation, I did plan the details but I ended up going to some other destination. I know, crazy but that’s a go, right!

My sixth and last goal was to Gain 6 kg by December 2018. Now, this one was frustrating. My weight kept fluctuating but I never got to add 6 kilograms. It was mostly adding 4 kilos then losing 2 kilos then a couple of months later add 1kilo and by December 2018 I still hadn’t gained the 6 kilograms I hoped for. I failed to achieve this goal.

Yeah, so that’s it. Sad but eye opening, I know! But at least I have a rough idea of what did or didn’t work and why. As I set this year’s goals I’m resetting my mindset to default. Despite the fails and unaccomplished goals I can conquer 2019!

Over to You…

Tell me what you think, I’d love to hear what goals you did or didn’t achieve in 2018?

With Love, Jade J


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