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Can we take a moment just to acknowledge that I have had this blog for four good years! It’s odd, this has to be the longest commitment I’ve ever stuck to (apart from breathing obviously). But in all honesty, I’m glad through the challenges and set backs I’m still here and Quitting isn’t an option at this point I just have to learn to juggle everything else in life and fit blogging in.


What has happened 4 years down the line?

I can confidently say that I am a blogger. There’s nothing awkward with that declaration nowadays. I’m fully getting back to the blogging grind this year. 2018 as I have mentioned severally was a total hoax even though my views weren’t stagnant as I had anticipated so that’s awesome.

Writing is my passion;

I used to do it a lot when I was younger – a way of expressing my thoughts, ideas, frustrations and telling imaginary tales. If you are a frequent guest on my blog, you might have caught on that most posts equate to what phase I’m in at that period of time – Literally my everyday life experience!

This year I want to get out of that box

Just a foot step out and share opinions on topics I’m passionate about. Sometimes I actually forget that this is my blog; I own it and I can run and write whatsoever that spikes my interest (well except hate or racist stuff of course)

For example,

I have always wanted to do a thrift shop clothes haul post just for kicks but I always talk myself out cause that’s not what I usually do. Note, I don’t have a defined genre but I’m still hesitant because I feel I have given my blog this serious and official vibe which is just 35% of who I am, the remaining percentage is locked in a box; like a Pandora box filled with remarkable, ground breaking blog posts awaiting to be unleashed.

I want to grow

Scary, I know! But I want to explore and grow as a writer. That means I’ll purposely write, try different styles and read more.

The different thing I’ll incorporate in my fifth year of blogging is;

Sticking to a twice a week schedule. I know, you know I struggle with being consistent thus with a schedule I can hold myself accountable and look forward to creating content.

Also, it would be nice to actually make buddies on here. I’m always up for a chat just hit me up.

Cheers to another year of blogging; fifth to be precise. Kindly follow my blog to get bonus treats this week as I will be publishing a new post each day in honor of my Blog Anniversary.

Over to You …

I’d love to hear how long you’ve blogging of following my blog

Thank you for reading. New post every Tuesday and Friday.

With Love, Jade J



  1. Congraaaaaaaaats! That’s awesome! I’ve found that all the advice tells me not to go outside of my niche (farm stands/natural lifestyle), but when I do (like posting about my farmhouse-style kitchen), it gets a great…possibly temporary or transitory…response. Oh well. It’s fun for me and I add more followers than I lose. Let me know how you find it when you start posting hauls!


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