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Well, hello there!

If you are reading this I reckon you are interested in knowing my blogging process, hm? Or you are merely a curios cat? You’ve reached the right blog lovely because I like dishing out information like Ellen does on her shows. The truth is I love reading posts like this, and I’ve always wanted to write one of my own.

Everybody out there has their own approach to blogging and that’s cool. So, here a step by step process of how I blog, enjoy!


It’s obvious you can’t write if you have no post ideas, right? I don’t have a specific approach when coming up with blog post ideas. I get most of my ideas from social media, magazines and just my day-to-day activities. Apart from 2018, I like to keep up with a regular posting schedule (twice a week). So, I write down all my Ideas in my notebook and assign specific dates that I want them published on the blog.



With my blog post ideas in place, I do write ups on Microsoft Word. The writing process is nerve wrecking. I have this cool topic but I sometimes don’t know what to say. In primary school we used to write compositions, I remember my teacher insisting on things to note when writing:

  • What are you trying to say
  • What’s your point/ story
  • The lesson from your writing is?
  • 5w+ 1H

Does that ring any bell? Well, take for example I have to do a review on this cool lip gloss I got. I know what I want to say but my thoughts are all jumbled making it hard to write anything. I use 5W+ 1H (What, When, Where, Who, Why+ How) to draft something up, you get the gist?


This past year I have been working with fewer photos in my posts cause of last-minute planning and simply just being lazy. It’s the most challenging part of my blogging process because I shy away from taking personal photos, you know? But what I do is actually note down expected shots to use in a post. I know, I know sounds silly, right? How am I supposed to know how and what photos to take that will blend with the post?



I transfer the written post to WordPress then merge with the photos taken. The editing process is simple; check for grammar, capitalize and paragraph. Add categories and tags, I rarely edit my photos, I mostly use them as they are. Then, I preview and hit the publish button.


I used to enjoy doing this. I wasn’t active enough to promote my blog posts last year – Honestly, let’s just say my blogging game was crappy in 2018. Promotion is essential when it comes to blogging, you could write an amazing post but without spreading word not many will end up reading your content. I mostly use twitter hashtags, I wrote a post about twitter accounts you can use to promote blog posts a while ago, and you can go check it out.


I hope that helps, I would love to read on how you blog, please share I’m nosey alright!

Over to You …

Tell me about your blogging process, I’d love to hear about your content creation process

Thank you for reading. New post every Tuesday and Friday

With Love, Jade J





  1. I must confess, being very creative I just sit and write, then an hour and a half later my post is up. But im always making mental notes about my mental health and interesting points of interest as my day progresses. (It’s very good these days, very happy to have recovered)

    I’ve got a lot of enthusiasm to share about mental health – lots of tips and wisdom gathered over a long journey.



    1. Oh wow! This process sounds less stressful but I guess with the mental notes and enthusiasm it makes everything fall into place. If I could do this I’d be able to publish a post every day.
      Thank you for reading xx


    1. Awesome! I’ve never thought about it that way, I’ll try taking photos beforehand for next week blog posts see how it turns out.
      Thank you for reading xx


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