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If the bottom part of your feet aren’t as soft as a baby’s butt then this blog post is for you. Kindly grab a pen and paper because you really need to take notes.

I had a period in my life where I had to sleep in socks almost every night because my feet; the bottom part, were slightly rough and I felt uncomfortable every time they glided across my legs when I slept. The heel of my feet was peeling off and I wasn’t taking care of my feet at all. Most of us have a regimen for everything else (hair, armpits, face) except our feet. It didn’t help that I’m always walking bare feet, I’ll be lying if I say I love how the sand feels against my feet because I don’t – I simply like being bare feet, no poetic notion whatsoever!

One day, sometime back when I was sharing a bed with my cousin, her feet accidentally brushed over my leg and they were soft like velvet. I mentioned this to her and for a minute we talked about how amazing it is that her feet were soft but that was it. A couple of months later when she was decluttering and among the things she handed me were; Botanique: Peppermint foot soother and Walnut and vanilla foot scrub.

At first, I thought she gave them to me in reference to the one minute talk we had about feet but that wasn’t the case. Unless I’m getting a pedicure I never used to pay attention to my feet so the products she gave me… well I just added them to a pile of things that I own but will never use. That pile has so many random things that I could make money if I did a yard sale I swear!

2019-01-24 07.51.58 1.jpg

So, I too decided to de-clutter one day; two months ago before starting my new job. I came across these feet products that I had forgotten about and I was like let me just try them out. That was the best decision I had made in a long time.

What you’ll need

  1. Clean warm water
  2. Pumice stone
  3. White Vinegar (Optional)
  4. Botanique: Foot scrub and Foot soother
  5. Vaseline (Optional)

Step by Step Process

First, I have to rinse of my feet because they are always dusty. I then add two bottle caps of white vinegar in warm water and socked my feet for five minutes. Then I use a pumice stone to scrub my feet. I pay close attention to the heel of my feet because that’s where dead skin cells are accumulated.

2019-01-24 07.53.25 1.jpg

Secondly, I change the water and get more clean warm water. This time I incorporate the Botanique: Walnut and Vanilla Foot Scrub. After letting it sit in for about one minute, I started scrubbing my feet (one at a time of course) with a soft cleansing brush and did circular motion concentrating on the heel. After I’m done with the scrubbing I rinse my feet in the warm water, again.

2019-01-24 07.52.42 2.jpg

Lastly, I dry my feet and apply Botanique: Peppermint Foot Soother, who doesn’t love the smell of peppermint? It smells lovely and feels cool on the feet. After massaging the soother in my feet, getting it worked in all the way even between my toes I let it sit in (the product is a bit heavy so just use a small amount) and when it’s evenly distributed, you immediately feel the difference.

2019-01-24 07.53.51 1.jpg

Surely, this method is simple and anyone can apply it, right? I like doing this little routine on Sunday night before bed then the next morning all I have to do is wash my feet while taking a shower then apply Vaseline and I’m ready to take on the week with baby butt like feet. Isn’t that great?

Over to You …

Tell me what you think, I’d love to hear how you take care of your feet.

Thank you for reading. New post every Tuesday and Friday,

With Love, Jade J.



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