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Well, hello friends!

In case you’re new, welcome to this warm corner. Today is actually a special day mainly since; it’s the last day of a 5 day series I was doing this week in honor of my blog turning 4 years old and I’m switching things up as I promised in a recent post. I thought it might be fun to share a few random facts about me hoping you’ll get to know me a bit better. Let’s get right into it, shall we?


  1. My first name is Patience. I was named after my lovely paternal grandma, I like using the name for official issues, other than that I prefer using my other names online ( It’s perfect cause I’m trying to hide my online presence identity from my real life colleagues at work loll)
  2. My friends and relatives can testify on this one, I’m the most outgoing shy person ever. When I am comfortable around people I don’t shut up but when I’m around new people I don’t speak until spoken to. It’s just ridiculous
  3. I live 30 minutes away from the beach but I only visit about thrice in a year (a good year) I have an irrational fear of large water bodies.
  4. I’m very picky with series and easily get bored but I can never say no to an episode of The Big Bang Theory
  5. I love snacks. I can eat a ridiculous amount of crisps, biscuits, popcorn, chocolate in one go but I have to take breaks when eating “real food”. I just can’t help myself especially that I haven’t found a snack I don’t lie, yet!


Thank you for sticking around during this five day series. I hope you enjoyed my posts, next post will be on Tuesday as usual.

Photo Credit: Kaboompics

Over to You …

What fact from the list surprised you the most? Jump into the comment and let me know what fact most people don’t know about you, sharing is caring!

Thank you for reading. New post every Tuesday and Friday.

With Love, Jade J.



    1. You know that space reserved for “other names” when filling documents? Well, that’s where you can find Jade but Patience is my official name 🙂
      Haha, I’m glad you learnt something new about me. Thank you for reading xx

      Liked by 1 person

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