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Hello lovely friends,

Once in a lifetime, we all go through chaotic mornings. I know you know what I’m talking about, take me for instance I snooze the alarm and have to take a cold shower cause I forgot its Thursday (power rationing day) so, no electricity and I literally FORGOT to iron my work outfit the previous night. Then it just doesn’t stop there, distractions keep piling on and on making me feel like a total dead beat the whole day. Well, to be honest that’s my typical morning everyday – minus the electricity scandal of course but I always feel like every morning after snoozing the alarm, I get punished, for lack of a better word and my morning are sometimes blah because of that.


Naturally, I struggle waking up early in the morning, It’s something I am learning to embrace as opposed to straining then feeling guilty about it; my relationship with sleep at dawn is just something I’m yet to give up. To prevent my mornings from turning into full-time chaos and feeding into the rest of the day, I have adopted a few things to change the direction of my day. By doing these things, I look forward to facing the day even after snoozing the alarm and knowing I’ll be stuck in traffic for an hour:

  1. Making my bed and organizing the room every morning regardless of what time I wake up. This has helped reset my mind into a focused mode, I just can’t explain! There’s just something fulfilling about straightening your  bed and ensuring your room is clean in the morning. This simply helps me refocus!
  2. Praying. I don’t pray as much as I should but every morning I commit the day to God and tell Him to take control of everything because I’m clueless of what will happen but He knows, so I hope He guides me throughout the say. That brings me peace! 
  3. I watch or read something that triggers my existence. For me its travelling and writing. This not only fuels my dreams but it gives me a reason to live for the day. It makes me determined!

Photo Credit: Kaboompics

Over to You …

What do you think? I’d like to hear how you change the direction of your morning.

Thank you for reading. New post every Tuesday and Thursday.

With Love, Jade.



  1. Nice one, totally agree that a mess in the morning ruins your day 🙈 If i only forget to but my “outfit” for the next day ready my chaos starts 😂
    I usually get up to an inhuman time and do sports and go for a walk with my dogs before work. This is my structuring schedule, but kn the very few days i “oversnooze” the alarm it ends in a mess and the lack of fresh air in the morning kills my mood for the rest of the day.
    Thanks for sharing your tips, making the bed should totally be added on my routine.

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