Girl Chat


Well, hello there!


Happy belated Valentine’s Day earthlings. I really hope you had a good one, mine was okay – spent the whole day at work then when I got home at six I went straight to my second job till nine, if that isn’t the definition of perfect, what is? In the spirit of Valentines, can we talk about relationships?

Let’s get one thing straight though

I’m no guru when it comes to relationships and dating but I do know it’s okay to have a certain preference and to make choices that suit you. In other words choices you can live with and take responsibility of in future (something I’m still learning to get hold of).


I may come off as a judgmental homosapien, but;

If you knew me well enough, you’d understand how hard I try not to judge people on my first interaction with them cause I put myself in their shoes and think maybe they’re acting the way they are or saying the things they’re ranting about because they’re nervous or uncomfortable cause that’s what I tend to do when I’m nervous or overwhelmed. I try to be reasonable but boy-oh- boy! Somethings just don’t cut into my “Maybe I can give them a second chance list.”

I’ll talk about the immediate and obvious deal breakers that you just can’t feign an excuse for at all. More-so if you don’t date for fun.

Don’t get me wrong,

I know no one is perfect! I mean, just being ME is already a deal breaker for loads of people and that’s okay. So basically I’ll just be honest and list MY deal breakers. Of course these deal breakers aren’t for everyone. Some people could care less about what’s on the list and you deserve a trophy for that. Here are some of the things that make me hesitant to date someone;-


Over the top partying lifestyle

I’m not sure there is a way we can compromise on this, well unless it’s your job and you get paid millions to go out to clubs and smoke tones of weed/ do drugs while drinking till you pass out. This partying lifestyle is only epic in college  and it’s easy to have the attitude “they’ll grow out of it” but then I just can’t go into a relationship thinking, “maybe it’s just a phase” Honestly this is not something I’m OK living with!

Past Relationships Pattern

I’d like to get into a relationship and decide their past doesn’t matter (I’m too nosey so that isn’t going to happen) that’s true to some extent! But if your partner has a tendency of cheating, jumping from relationship to relationship that’s a deal breaker for me. I can’t get into relationship with someone who’s past relationship pattern show they’re a serial cheater or commitment phobic cause one way or another the possibility of me winding up the same way is high.

Spiritual Views

Honestly, I know we should be able to coexist but if we both feel strongly about our spiritual views (in this case our views collide) at some point it will screw us and cause a lot of stress. So I don’t see the point of tiptoeing around this…

At least we’ve established why no one is dating me  (I’m probably going to end up alone with my stuffed animals lol and that’s fine by me).


On a serious note:

I feel somethings can be discussed on the early stages of a relationship/ getting to know each other. Don’t sweep anything under the rag, have thorough discussions and keep in mind you can never CHANGE a person’s mind or behavior.


Over to You…

Happy Valentines! What are some of your deal breakers?

Thank you for reading. New post every Tuesday and Friday.

With Love, Jade.



  1. Well, when love finds you, you’d break your own rules without you noticing it. 🙂

    Anyway, you’ll find the one for you in God’s time, dearie. :* You’re a wonderful person, you deserve so much love.


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